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"How You Can Help Your
Shin Splints Naturally"

"Shin Splints Can Come From
Flat Feet Which Can Be Fixed
Without Arch Support Crutches,
Without Pain Killer Drugs,
Without Risky Surgery"

There is much confusion about the source of shin splints. However, one theme is repeated. Flat feet contribute to the problem.

Here are what some experts say: says, "There is a strong feeling among athletic trainers that shin splints have much to do with the abnormal splaying out of the foot on contact and, therefore, techniques to the arch have proven beneficial." says, "If you (have flat feet) then you are also more susceptible to this injury" says, "Overpronation [i.e., flat feet] aggravates this problem..."

The daughter of a friend developed shin splints from dancing a highland fling on a concrete floor. Her mother asked me to show her how to use her foot arch correctly. I forgot about it until a year later she wrote me this success story:

"I was having terrible trouble with shin splints (I am a dancer). Mr. Denlinger showed me how to use the foot arch muscle and I haven't had any trouble with shin splints since." -T.F.

One principle that I have discovered is that stretched ligaments hurt. I took a look and sure enough, there is a ligament between the bones of the lower leg. When one of those bones moves up or down, it will stretch the ligament and that hurts.

One way to get one of those bones to move up or down is to have flat feet. So, by my showing my neighbor's daughter how to use her foot arch, she got rid of her shin splints.

Are the toes of your feet further apart than the heels?

Are your feet flat?

Do you carry much weight on the outside edges of your feet?

If so, your shin splints could benefit from "A New Foot Health Solution." Order Now.

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