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"How Do You Get
Foot Pain Relief Naturally?"

"Why Don't Arch Support Crutches,
Pain Killer Drugs or Risky Surgery
Fix Foot Pain Naturally?"

Just how does foot pain and foot arch pain come about, anyway? Once we know that we can then understand why arch support crutches, pain killer drugs or risky surgery cannot give foot pain relief naturally.

There are as many ways to make your foot hurt as there are ways it can go wrong. A splinter in your heel can make it hurt. A broken bone can make it hurt. And on and on....

Another way foot pain and foot arch pain can come about has been missed up to now.

That way is stretched ligaments caused by muscles not being used the right way.

You might say, "What's that? Say again."

Let me explain.

Muscles have several jobs. The first, and most recognized job is moving bones, which moves your body.

The second job of muscles is positioning bones in relation to each other. For instance, your head might start to slide off the top of your neck if the muscles did not keep it in position.

The third job of muscles is to keep your bones tight together at the joints.

You might ask, "But what happens at night when I'm asleep and my muscles are relaxed? Wouldn't my bones move out of joint? Couldn't my knee bone get mixed up with my rib bones?"

You are right. So, there is something else to keep your bones together at the joints when your muscles are relaxed while you sleep. That thing is called a ligament.

You saw ligaments the last time you ate a chicken leg. The ligaments are the tough whitish material which fastens the upper end of the drunstick bone to the lower end of the thigh bone.

You have ligaments holding the ends of your bones together, too.

When the ligaments stretch, they can hurt.

It is simple to find a ligament in your body and stretch it. Kids on the playground sometimes grab each others hands and bend the fingers backward so they hurt. That is an example of ligaments stretched too much and hurting.

Back to your feet. There are ligaments which hold the bones together at the joints. When the muscles which operate your feet are not used the right way, the ligaments in your feet can hurt.

There is one set of muscles which make the foot arch work as it should. When the foot arch does not work as it should, the feet will go flat, stretching ligaments and other parts of the foot. That makes foot arch pain. That can hurt.

No wonder foot arch supports, drugs and surgery cannot naturally give foot pain and foot arch pain relief caused by stretched ligaments.

You might say that this is too simple. Perhaps that is why nobody came up with this solution before. It is just too simple.

The book, "A New Foot Health Solution" shows how to use your muscles as they should be used. In so doing your foot pains including foot arch pain may be helped.

If you have foot pain you owe it to yourself to Order the book "A New Foot Health Solution" Now to learn how the pain can be fixed.

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